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I Ran A Marathon In The World's Largest Shoes


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    MOm was surprised cause she thought just cause its her kid she can take the money. hate parents like that.

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    We all know what happened to that child after he got into the car

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    Mum sayin "Thank you" like she gon' take little homies money when they're home.

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    Mr beast how are the nicest person on earth like let meh list are the un great full and money huger bleep GRgoners :well the number 1 spot go to ninja like bruh I was on his I’ve and a kid donated £10 pounds and what he said made me pissed so pissed that I hacked his location and went to his home started to beat him with this whip I got when I was little don’t ask how or why I had it but when I finished I was almost the uks most wanted but bc I’m under aged or was I got away with it by pretending to walk down the street normally like I was minding my own business after I was out of the site I paid a Uber to come pick me up and drive meh home so after that oh and I tuned off his camra and deleted the vid of me beating ninja to deah well not to death but he apaas knocked out cold for a day but that’s not the point the point is your the best

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    Yea i highly doubt your coming to canada lmao

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    I would make 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    His mom at home be like: GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY OR YOU WILL GET CLAPPED

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    If yall didn't know this was when he walked a entire marathon with size 40 shoes

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    Subscribe even if you’re seven age

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    I will never bumb into me beast one rl because I live in arizona

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      *Mr beast*

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    That mom probably thanked him than took the kids money

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    ,“Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”

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    0:20 the mom is going too take all of her sons money and going to spend it on designer stuff and never even give anything too her son even tho the mom doesn’t even know whom beast is now tell me who agrees with my statement on this?

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