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ELECTRIC VEHICLES & My Tesla Model 3 Review

I FINALLY bought my first Electric Vehicle (EV) and it happens to be a Tesla Model 3! So, let’s look at EV cars in general and see if this Tesla thing is any good.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Look What I Bought!
0:53 Why to by an Electric Vehicle
3:36 Why I bought a Tesla Model 3
5:54 Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance
6:48 Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving
10:19 Regenerative Braking and Travel Range
13:25 Price of Gas Compared to Electricity
14:33 Charging an Electric Vehicle
16:34 Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties


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    The car is similar to cell phone with the size and proportion of its battery. Cell phone battery is flammable to be pierced. So what can happen with car battery to be pierced or deformed in accident on a road? Take one cell of the battery and then beat it by hammer. I find the car is a roast pan under a butt. Buy a trailer to carry the battery for your safety.

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    But but, it comes with full on surveillance system on you.

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    did he die

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    I have question at you ElectroBOOM. Why is nobody doing ebikes without battery? I mean ebikes without a chain but with generator at pedals and motor on wheel with some electronic automatic transmision system. Would looses on it be really so big.

  6. Kokainarienv0gel


    Πριν 11 ώρες

    OMG the computer in the screen is slower than my iPad 2, and this is already a shame to use for youtube, 720p isnt even completely smooth but at least its much faster in loading the app and videos :D

  7. Daniel T

    Daniel T

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    what happens if you touch the contacts on a 1 giga farad capacitor

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    Does this mean it's tax-deductible now that it's in a video?

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    Thank god, you lost 10mm bit



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    Could you make a video about pulse inigiter? Thanks

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    14:50 No sparks.... No boom, no, nothing (._. ) This video is a fake. Certified fake. Must be.... it has to be. Who are you and what have you done with our fav host?!

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    "Do not remove supply cover in any cirumstances. There are non servicable components inside. Serious shock hazards are present inside this power supply case, even when power is switched off" I read this on old SMPS of a pc. Wonder whats inside, ik perfect man to show case what, how and how much is hazardous inside it.

  15. Jesmin Ara

    Jesmin Ara

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    He used the dashboard as graph paper😂 and wrote time using the tesla logo 😂

  16. neutronen stern

    neutronen stern

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    Hi I've got a Question: I've build myselve a Capacitor out of Aluminium foil and 3layers of 5m long Book foil. It has a capacity of around 150nF (might get higher when loaded with high voltage due to attraction force) now I will test how much voltage the foil can handle first and then load the capacitor with a voltage lower than that. I expect it to be able to handle something around 15-30KV. I've got a power supply which can output 30KV, and this is kind of save,cause the Energy and current is limited. But now i want to ask you, if the capacitor with around 150nF would be save if loaded to 30KV. So in case i touched it will it just badly hurt or might it harm myselve badly. I've read that ESD over 350mJ is harmfull and this thing would have around 68J if loaded to 30KV. So this would imply that it is very harmful. But if i calculate with 1000Ω of my body and this capacity and voltage with the formula t=R*C*ln(Umax/Utol) with Umax=30KV and Utol=30V (tolerable) I get to a time of 1ms till the voltage is at 30V when i touched it. But i've also seen in a graph, that at a current below 10A through the body it wont kill you as long as it is shorter than 10ms. So now my question is, if it really makes a that big difference if its below 10A or below 30A. (in the case of 30KV and 1KΩ) Or did i calculate something wrong?

  17. Simone Brooks

    Simone Brooks

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    A new car he bought yesterday: whatup new owner the next day also the car: X_X electroboom: buys a new car the next day (read the start again)

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    Nice white board

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    Hakeem Canonio

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    Bought Tesla EV as a whiteboard, what a genius!

  22. Bill Toxic

    Bill Toxic

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    I Want to See You Try to Do Dumb Shit With Rubbing your Feet with socks on Carpet since you can get Electricity from It Like zapping Anything That can Get Electricity

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    Every green light to cars it stops maybe a pedestian check who disobeys redlight for em..

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    My birthday is tomorrow I'm an Aries so yeah 😐

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    Mehdi jan, I'm glad you didn't shock yourself in this video, it would've been your final electric boom. You could mentions the repair & maintenance are quite different and require specialized tools & training.

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  34. daraobong isonguyo

    daraobong isonguyo

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    It took me a while to notice he used the car as a whiteboard

  35. Steve Donaldson Jr.

    Steve Donaldson Jr.

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    Vishal. C

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    Vishnu vrokzz

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    romanian gov't "let's tax cars a lot because they pollute a lot, save the environment buy a electric car" romanian gov't also: *produces electricity mostly by burning coal, HFO and from nuclear energy which is also extremely dangerous* alternatives to regular gas just as ethanol or LPG/CNG are much better

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    Ramiel Ray M. palima

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    Online Shopping Jakarta

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    Biofuels are the way. Works with existing hardware, and no lithium needed

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    Copy and pasted from Electroboom's description for those who don't read it 0:00​ Look What I Bought! 0:53​ Why to by an Electric Vehicle 3:36​ Why I bought a Tesla Model 3 5:54​ Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance 6:48​ Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving 10:19​ Regenerative Braking and Travel Range 13:25​ Price of Gas Compared to Electricity 14:33​ Charging an Electric Vehicle 16:34​ Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties



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    Enjoy Aja

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    Until electric cars can fly like the cars in the movie "The Fifth Element" or hover like the cars in "Star Wars" I don't give a shit.😎

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    shahabaz Muhammed s

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    jerry kolberg

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    Christian S.

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  56. Cesar Canassa

    Cesar Canassa

    Πριν 2 ημέρες

    17:16 I wish I could buy a modern and efficient car but without all this software crap. Having to Ctrl+alt+del your car is a new low for humanity

  57. Muhammad Sawleh

    Muhammad Sawleh

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    Does Mehdi know that this car comes with a FOOOOL BRIDGE RECTIFIER. 😉

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    Elzetardo 1

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  59. ParadoxPython


    Πριν 2 ημέρες

    If only the government in my country actually bothered to invest in the necessary infrastructure for electric cars (read: recharging stations), maybe then buying one here would make sense. No amount of financial incentive is going to alleviate the fact that you can't charge the damn thing anywhere, preventing you from escaping the ~250km perimeter around your own home (provided you own the place enough to set up a charging station there; if you live in an apartment, you're fucked). This is also the reason why hybrid cars are an even worse thing to buy here, because nobody is going to use the battery, since there is no infrastructure for it. It's just extra weight the combustion engine has to lug around, consuming more fuel to do so than a conventional gasoline car.

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    God's Gaming - In A Nutshell

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    G power pc g5g4g3 A

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    17:26 ElectroBOOM (sorry Idk how to write your name) : THIS TESLA HAS AN INTEL ATOM AS PROCESSOR?!?!? ME: laugh while watching the video with an intel atom notebook from 2008

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    Online Shopping Jakarta

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    Gabriel C

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    TDC flyer

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    Tesla cars is old news. You already heard about it, you should make a cloud chamber to display muons. Not the same as having your own house-sized superconducting magnet, but if anyone can pull it off that would be you! Also, are you aware of the irony when you speak about having to step on the *"gas pedal"* ?

  69. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person

    Πριν 3 ημέρες

    Make a plasma candle



    Πριν 3 ημέρες

    I have a model 3 as well, such an amazing car, and I wouldn't trade it for anything other than a model X or S. Nearly all my neighbors have one and living in CA means 100% renewable energy is being used (as well as some natural gas), plus all the free superchargers means driving is free! I also got a $7300 tax break too! EV really is the future, even F1 is closing down to be replaced with FE along with tons of other motorsports (both Hillclimb and AMA Pro are dominated by EVs). Much faster and much more fun, the sound and manual transmission will be missed, but it really doesn't matter when EVs are this fast and this fun now. Can't wait to see what future EV performance cars will bring, we are already in the era where EVs are far superior to ICE!

  71. Amit Bajpai

    Amit Bajpai

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    me- why did you buy an ev universe- because we like ev and it is good for nature mehdi- i have a high power ac motor and a huge battery pack

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    • Shane Skaalerud

      Shane Skaalerud

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  75. Alcsaar0


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    The autopilot/self driving isn't terribly useful for city driving, but great for long distance highway driving



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  85. M L

    M L

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    Electric Cars are for people that do not need really a car.



      Πριν 3 ημέρες

      That's not true at all. Most everyone I know including myself use their tesla for 4 hours+ everyday. Mine has already saved me over $23,000 in the time I have owned it over my other cars, and I have never had to do any maintenance or have any issue with reliability such as many of my other cars have had over the years. EVs are perfect for people that use their car for most of their time in a day.

  86. BIG_BOI87


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    Sapphire code

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    Its amazing how I found you through a meme and I started watching your vids it's even more amazing how you and channels like Kurzgesagt get us interested in things like this, I used to hate physics and electrical engineering, But you and similar channels really changed my mindset I hope you have a good day and a good life. Peace Out

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    SS Electrical

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      Πριν 3 ημέρες

      Teslas have the highest reliability rating by a massive margin, kiddo.

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    Anon 6756

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  100. Thomas Leiber

    Thomas Leiber

    Πριν 4 ημέρες

    In my opinion electric cars are not better for the environment and are not the future. 1. Not only an engine produces micro particles. Brake dust and the wheel “grinding” on the street also produces these harmful particles.2. Watch a Video of how we collect lithium. The people living there have no groundwater anymore because of us pumping it on the surface and wait until it evaporates and the lithium stays.3. The earth does not have enough resources left for all of us having electric cars. 4. If you buy an electric car and take your power to charge the car out of an atomic power plant, you did not safe anything. My hopes are about hydrogen cars but with an engine and not with a fuel cell. And basically you can’t force people to drive electric cars.



      Πριν 3 ημέρες

      Your information is not only wrong, but completely dismissive of the amount of particulates polluting the environment. Also, all of your talking points come from oil propaganda. Tesla uses lith-polymers now, which is far better for the environment, can be recycled and has 2 decades of lifetime on the batteries alone. Most EVs exist in places like in CA where 100% of our energy is renewables. Hydrogen is not only super dangerous, but very expensive and limited in supply. Oil companies have huge stakes in Hydrogen, so that's why you see all the propaganda about them.